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NJ-3: Adler campaign creep caught photographing Runyan’s daughter, house

Democrats are a really seedy bunch:

Police are investigating an alleged trespassing incident involving a Democratic campaign volunteer and the family of Republican congressional candidate Jon Runyan.

Last Wednesday, Fredric C. Samson of Mount Holly allegedly trespassed on the Runyans’ Mount Laurel property and took photographs as their youngest daughter, Isabella, played in the front yard, according to a Mount Laurel Police report.

The 8-year-old went into the house and told her mother that Samson was standing in the driveway, according to Jon Runyan. Loretta Runyan, a former Houston police officer, got into her car and followed Samson for four miles until he stopped at Rep. John Adler’s Evesham campaign office.

Runyan notified both her husband and 911 using her OnStar system, he said. An Evesham patrol car met them at Adler’s office, and the investigation was transferred to the Mount Laurel Police Department.

Samson, a Burlington County Democratic committeeman, said Tuesday that he didn’t “have anything to say” about the investigation.

“There’s nothing to talk about here,” Samson replied, when asked to comment on the incident and his role in Adler’s re-election campaign.

According to a records search, Samson, 64, is a licensed social worker in Burlington County.

“Last Wednesday a volunteer photographer took seven photos of the front of Jon Runyan’s house, nothing more,” said Carol Gaskill, spokeswoman for the Adler campaign, in a statement e-mailed late Tuesday afternoon. “The photographer was instructed not to take any photos of Jon Runyan or any member of his family.

“We apologize if images of the Runyan property have brought any discomfort to Mr. and Mrs. Runyan.”

Yeah. We apologize that taking pictures of your house, with your eight year old daughter playing on the front lawn brought you any distress, bitches.

These people are sick.

This story leads the news on CNN, MSNBC and all the rest, if this was a Republican campaign worker or–heaven forbid–a Tea Party activist who was snapping pictures of a Democrat candidate’s home.

But alas, it is not, so most people won’t be hearing of this story.

(Via Maggie Haberman’s blog)

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